Natasha Keller


What is a Style Coach?

When you hire me as your Style Coach you get an individualized, one-on-one experience in cultivating your ideal wardrobe and increasing your body confidence. While some stylists emphasize purchasing new clothes every season, I'm coming at your wardrobe with a different approach. What I want is to help people get to the root of their wardrobe dissatisfaction, frustration and overwhelm. So many people have the experience of having too many clothes, but nothing they love to wear. OR, too many clothes, and none that actually FIT! Together we can get to the root of this problem so that you can unburden yourself from the things not worth keeping, and move forward in a more empowered way.

If you do need to purchase things to fill the holes in your wardrobe, I can help with that too, from the perspective of buying high-quality and ethically made clothes that will last beyond 30 wears. I love to support small makers that are responsibly producing clothing, and supporting women in the process.

Now for the details. What I'm offering is a personalized, one-on-one wardrobe service either in person OR remotely. I'll help you go through your closet and determine what fits, what doesn't, what just needs to go, what needs to be altered, and what needs to be purchased to make your wardrobe work. We'll discuss defining and refining your personal style so that your wardrobe works for you, so that you can feel and look great every day.

Here's a run-down:

- Three-hour consultation in person or via Zoom

- Wardrobe assessment & sorting

- Personalized action plan for purchases, removal, tailoring, etc.

- Three one-hour phone calls to check-in on action items

- Unwanted clothing removal (for in-person clients)

- Individual Pinterest board to share ideas and recommend purchases

- Two-hour follow-up consultation

In order to build my portfolio as a Style Coach I am currently offering clients the opportunity to work with me at a reduced investment of $950. This will allow me to continuing building on this service and assess how much time and support is needed to accomplish what I hope to accomplish.

I am so excited to support you in this way. I love helping women step more fully into themselves through their clothes. You deserve to feel your best and look your best every day, no matter your size, shape or age! I would love to help you get there.

Regardless of whether you are ready to leap into this service with me, or have a million questions about how it all works, you can book a free 20 minute call and ask me anything! It’s a great way to get the conversation started and see if we’re a good fit for working together.


What people are saying about the Style Coaching experience…

Our session left me feeling cleansed and confident! It was so helpful to have you help me identify my strengths when it comes to my attire. And of course to weed out things that just may not be ‘me’.
I truly believe that you are onto something with this customized service for people - Style Coaching. I think I was correct in that I identified that I need help with something in, or some aspect of, my wardrobe. Lo and behold, over the course of our initial visit we were able to identify and start communicating the major issues that I had in which to dress - BRAVO! Then, you were able to articulate this back to me, and I find what you summarized to be incredibly valuable and helpful.