Natasha Keller


Hello, I’m Natasha

There are few things in this world that we are more intimate with than clothing. We wear it against our skin every day. Yet for many of us, it is a daily source of frustration, dissatisfaction and overwhelm.

I can help with that.

If you need someone to go through your closet and come up with a plan for how to make it better, I am there!

If you need one-time support for a photo shoot, special event or work function, that’s me!

If you feel inspired to learn more about sewing and making your own clothes, I am your gal! Read on for more information about how we can work together to help you look your best.



While some stylists emphasize purchasing new clothes every season, I'm coming at your wardrobe with a different approach. What I want is to help people get to the root of their wardrobe dissatisfaction, frustration and overwhelm. So many people have the experience of having too many clothes, but nothing they love to wear. OR, too many clothes, and none that actually FIT! Together we can get to the root of this problem so that you can unburden yourself from the things not worth keeping, and move forward in a more empowered way


Your look matters! Whether it’s headshots for a branding photo shoot, product photos with models, or what to wear to a special event, I can help everything and everyone look their best. Not only do I have a sharp eye for detail that is invaluable on a photo shoot, but the ability to help you articulate your branding needs and aesthetic in a way that helps elevate everyone.

This service is available on an hourly, daily, or ongoing basis. Book a free 20-minute call and we can discuss your needs.




My one true love forever and always, sewing will always hold a special place in my life and my heart. The meditative process of making, the endorphin hit when you’ve completed a garment and then subsequently every time you wear feeds my soul, inspires my heart and challenges my brain. I love sharing the love of sewing with others through classes and workshops on making your own clothes.